A Cruise of the Aegean Islands


    Our ship was a new 94-cabin ship, Le Bougainville. It is a French ship launched in August 2019. It's named for Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, an 18th-century French admiral and explorer. When we boarded the ship it seemed enormous. But we had never been on a Mediterranean cruise before...and we found the compared to other cruise ships we were tiny. In the picture above, our ship is the one on the right

Our ship

    On our tours we usually begin where our plane lands. But on this tour instead of visiting Athens, we went straight to our boat. We visited six islands in the Aegean Sea, their order determined by the ship’s route…and the winds. Not all of the islands we visited were remarkable—more like squares on a chess board, some are worth more than others. So, rather than illustrate our travels chronologically, this starts with the islands that impressed us first and then followed by some interesting images from other islands.

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